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Panchkarma Nasyam Testimonial:

Mr. Shaba 

Treatment Testimonial Nasyam:


Treatment Testimonial:

This lady could not move her neck but within 2 weeks of treatment, her movement improved and the pain was reduced by 20%

Treatment Testimonial:

This man could not raise his hand high but after some yoga sessions he attended with Sonal, he managed to raise his hand and move it easily.

Treatment Testimonial:
Nital Shah (MA commercial artist)
From Dhyan Art Acadamy
Vadodara, India

Treatment Testimonial:

Alice Lowe, Golf Foundation Regional Development Officer

Right Hand

Left Hand















Raj's Testimonial- You can see how his condition is decreasing

"My name is Raj and I was suffering from hives 3 years ago. The doctors had carried out tests- it was helicobacter pylori (bacteria in the stomach). The doctors prescribed me with a heavy dose of steroid tablets which took away the bacteria as well as leaving my stomach vulnerable to infections. After 1 year I started to notice white spots appear on my skin and went to the doctor to have a blood test. The doctor told me I had vitiligo. The white patches spread quickly all over my skin, head to toe. I started treatment with Dr Sonal and its now been 1 and a half years and my vitiligo has decreased a lot. I will carry on the treatment and hopefully will be cleared of vitiligo soon."

Priya Tailor's Testimonial

Priya's Testominal

Amna's Testimonial

She preferred Sonal as a tutor because she liked her teaching style.

Amna's Testimonial

Sherbanu's Testimonial

She enjoyed yoga with Sonal. She could not sit on the floor but after several sessions with Sonal she managed to do yoga seated on the floor

Sherbanu's Testimonial

Hansa's Testimonial

Hansa could not walk for long but after joining our yoga exercise and walking group she can walk faster with her daughter.

Hansa's Testimonial

Alka Champaneri


Thank You so much Sonal! The massage was amazing. I already feel the difference. ​

Alka's Testimonial

Kamalangi Costello's Testimonial

This is the testimonial.

I have been seeing Dr Sonal Bhavsar for the past 2 decades on and off.

I trust and enthusiatically recommend Dr. Sonal for her intuitive, accessible and open approach.

She gently guides you towards overall wellness with ayurvedic skills and knowledge. Which will support, maintain or restore your health and balance.

It never ceases to amaze and delight with passion for ayurveda.

Her medicines are good and you have come to the right place.

I would definitely recommend her to restore your body, mind and spirit.

Thank you


Treatment Testimonial: